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What is Yoga?

Yoga to me is a way of life.  It is a discipline of practice unifying the mind and the body while awakening awareness to feel your true self.  It is the only discipline I have practiced consistently for 20 years.  Wow!  It gives me God bumps when I think about all the lessons learned and gifts given through this practice called yoga. 

I love how Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor describe yoga in their book, The Art of Vinyasa,  “Yoga is a living art.  It is a means of moving, breathing, thinking, expanding and contracting, ever-changing landscape of the work within and around us.”

As a householder in my late 40’s, yoga supports my fun lovin’ lifestyle.   What does it mean to be a householder?  I live in a home, not in a commune or on a mountaintop.  I live day to day with the typical responsibilities of a family, work, and play.  Yoga is not about how far I can go in a pose or how it affects my outer body.  Yoga opens the path to love, compassion, and strength.   It  allows you to sing your own song and resonate with your surroundings.   Yoga supports us emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually if you are willing to do the work, receive and give.

Why is our YOGA unique?

The quick answer - Young Living Essential Oils in every class!  

Teaching yoga for over 17 years has opened many paths.  In my experiences with many different yoga and wellness teachers, I have yoked many different modalities into my classes from Iyengar based alignment postures all the way to Kundalini yoga (the yoga for the nervous system) with the naad (bhakti/sound yoga) and energy techniques interlaced and folded into our time together with essential oils in every class.  Yoga is not just in the classroom for me, it is lifestyle and a movement between elements.  You will notice in my pictures on this site, we live our yoga wherever we are...

Yoga is part of my IAM (Intuitive Awareness Movement) Coaching as it is a tool to help us come into our true self.  I teach weekly classes, extended retreats, and private sessions.

YOGI DANCE - A wonderful way to begin your day!

The Yogi Dance was brought to us by Acharya Yogendradev when he showed up at our studio, Universal Spirit Yoga in 2002.  He came unannounced in his little orange outfit looking for new students to be open to his wisdom and knowledge.  Stacey Vann, my teacher, gracefully and humbly moved out of the way and opened space for him to teach.  His teachings inspired us and shaped us spontaneously into who we are now.  We are greatful for this Spontaneous Yogi Dance.  

Enjoy practicing with us as you view this video. The music is special to the dance.

What brought Pamela to Yoga?

I experienced depression and anxiety off and on through the years. I was a happy depressed person, if you know what I mean.  At the time of finding yoga in 1999, I was also challenged with my oldest son, a child with special needs. My husband often reminded me, “Like in the airplane, YOU must put on your oxygen mask first.”

Yoga gave me this oxygen and space needed to come into my own light and power. Through the yoga practice of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), and chanting (sound), I found an awareness that helped me work through the emotions that were stuck in my body. The science of yoga has a way of strengthening the body and the mind as you become more aware in your own skin. Awareness is my favorite gift yoga has given me. 

Through my increased awareness within myself, I have been able to heal my own depression and anxiety free of any pharmaceuticals as well as help my son heal. It was through yoga, meditation, breathing, and essential oils that the Hunter Family found this awareness, strength, and healing. We are so grateful!


I often say to my class,  "Through awareness, we transform our body and our mind to meet our soul.”  And as my teacher, Stacey Vann, always reminds us, “Life is Not an emergency.”  

Take the first breath and walk through our door to our yoga classes, workshops, and retreats to transform into your greatest awareness!

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"Yoga has opened up a sacred space inside my soul where I have found I can go to be centered, to be whole.  I have taken yoga classes with other instructors over the years, but never stuck to it because I was spoiled with the richness in which you love unconditionally and care wholeheartedly.  It is felt in the way you sense the needs of the class and you teach in tune with what is present at that time.  You can go easy if needed, and can push gently to further one along in the practice.

When I went to work full-time and dove into the new industry and lifestyle, I left my yoga practice, shutting the door to that sacred place I had come to know and love.  I was exhausted with emotions of being a single mom and new knowledge enacted each day at a corporate job.  I became a vegetable instead of eating them.  After two years of this, I stood up for myself and went back to the roots that made me whole and kept me sane through a divorce - bible study, yoga and essential oils.  It is here, in this sacred space, I find you again.  I am so proud of your confidence, your persistence, your gratitude.  Your light always shines, and it always warms my heart. Congratulations on your accomplishments and may you continue in abundance with fulfilling your dreams."

Thank you, Pam, for being you.  Hugs!    Annette

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