Awaken Your Taste Buds

Our Vitality Essential Oil line from Young Living continues to expand, offering endless dietary and culinary delight.  Vitality essential oils are digestible and great for adding flavor to foods or using as a dietary supplement.  They come in 5 ml bottles, making it simple to try a variety and easy on the budget!  We are the only company who has an entire line of oils labeled for dietary supplementation.  These Vitality Oils are the exact same oils that are in our original colored labels, rest assured, they are not diluted.  They are of the same exact quality we stand by.  They just have "little white coats" on!

I like to add Vitality essential oils to my daily NingXia Red shot and morning smoothie.   Remember, since our essential oils are naturally potent, use a toothpick to dip them into recipes.  Would you like tried-and-true recipes using Vitality essential oils?  Join our Vitality Essential Oil Recipe Share group on Facebook. Be sure to share your own recipes as you discover new favorites!


We intuitively are drawn to what we need to sustain well-being.  Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.  We need to tune in and listen!  Look at the Vitality essential oils as your holistic cabinet of goodness.  Read about how to use essential oils then trust your instincts.  Our Fun Lovin' Wellness Community is a great place to gather for tips and testimonials!