Continuing Education Credits


Nurses - CEs for nurses are being sought for this course.


Yoga  - Course Objectives

  • Establish a daily Asana and Pranayama practice
  • Demonstrate  the Mindful Movements intended for patients/clients with impaired physical ability (i.e. limited mobility and energy)
  • Demonstrate set-up of the restorative yoga poses taught in the course
  • Articulate the elements of yoga therapy (reclined and chair Mindful Movements, Breath Awareness and Body Awareness Meditations) to patients

Clinical Objectives

  • Practice safe and responsible use of yoga therapy in a clinical setting
  • Integrate the yoga therapy practices learned during the course of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy training program into patient treatment in a clinical setting
  • Employ the proper protocols for using yoga therapy for pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, constipation and exhaustion (PANIC™)

Reiki - Course Objectives

  • Receive Reiki attunements that activate and empower the flow of Reiki energy through the practitioner
  • Demonstrate the Reiki hand positions and protocols for performing a Reiki session on the self and on others
  • Cite current Reiki research
  • Define Reiki biofield energy

Clinical Objectives

  • Cite medical research studies on the clinical use of Reiki
  • Demonstrate how to give Reiki to patients in clinical settings
  • Describe Reiki to clients and supervisors in a clinical setting

Essential Oil Practice - Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the historical usage and modern application of essential oils, including inhalation and topical application
  • Differentiate pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils from synthetic, perfume-grade oil products
  • Accurately identify the specific essential oils used for pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, constipation and exhaustion (PANIC™)
  • Integrate essential oil therapy into your daily self-care routine

Clinical Objectives

  • Demonstrate simple and effective techniques for integrating essential oil therapy into the clinical setting

Self-Care - Course Objectives

  • Accurately assess your self-care needs on a foundational, structural and practical level
  • Construct  an on-going plan for improved self-care
  • Integrate mindfulness practices and other “fast exercises” into your daily self-care routine

Nutrition - Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate understanding the importance of nutrition in the context of self-care
  • Identify tools for assessing your relationship to food and nutrition
  • Integrate nutrition into your daily self-care routine

Contemplative Care - Course Objectives

  • Recognize the psycho-social, spiritual and ethical aspects of care of the sick
  • Internalize mindful awareness, emotional balance, equanimity and compassion around issues of illness
  • Develop the ability to effectively care for yourself as a caregiver in general and when presented with death and dying
  • Practice skills of listening empathically that is patient-focused.

Clinical Objectives

  • Demonstrate compassionate, sensitive care to patients in a clinical setting
  • Demonstrate the ability to bear witness skillfully by listening with empathy and compassion in a patient-focused manner.