What a crazy name for something so amazing! 

Thieves® is one of our all time favorite products in our Young Living family of products.   It's one my household does not choose to live without!  Due to it's potency, we have an entire range of products from the essential oil to toothpaste, mouthwash, and cough drops to hand soap and cleaning products for laundry, dishes, and home care.  There is not a room in my house that you walk into that does not have a form of Thieves® nearby.  I love that I get  my monthly box delivered to my home and my trips to Target are lessoned.

Where did it get its name?  

Theives® essential oil blend was created from research of a group of 15th century thieves in France who protected their own health with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. This Young Living proprietary blend was university tested and found to be highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.  

What ingredients make Thieves® so versatile?  Clove is nature's source of eugen ol, the highest-scoring single ingredient tested for its antioxidant capacity on the ORAC scale. Lemon contains compounds that amplify immunity, promote circulation, leukocyte formation, and lymphatic function.  High in d-limonene, also a powerful antioxidant, Lemon essential oil is a natural solvent and cleanser.  Cinnamon Bark eliminates odors and evokes memories of celebration and gratitude.  Eucalyptus Radiata has many healthy promoting properties when inhaled, unlike toxic chemicals in mass marketed cleaning products. Rosemary is energizing, and may be beneficial for helping restore mental alertness.

Theives® essential oil is what we grab to maintain our health and wellness despite what's in the air that day.  Applying  1-2 drops of Thieves to the soles of your feet is a good practice when going into public places like schools, airports, and hospitals. Then cup your hands around your nose in a 'scent tent' and inhale deeply for a few breaths.  

You can save money on your Thieves products by purchasing the Thieves Premium Starter Kit.  It is chock-full of 11 Thieves products, plus a 5ml Stress Away, samples!  Rid your health and home of harsh, noxious chemicals along with the germs and dirt.   

STORY TIME:  When I came home from my first Young Living Grand Convention in 2005, I was totally inspiried to make the DITCH & SWITCH in my home.  My boys were in grade school at the time and were studying recycling and ways to take care of our environment.  So we made it an adventure to go around our home and gather all the noxious chemicals from all places in our home.  We gathered them on my master bathroom floor so we could see them all in one place.  It made a floor full of a beautiful rainbow of toxic colors!  We covered our large master bathroom floor with poison!  We sat in AWE of how one little bottle of cleaner - Thieves® Household Cleaner could replace all these bottles.  We gathered them in 4 large dark garbage bags.  Then it was time to decide what to do with them...hmmmmm.  We didn't want to donate them for others to use them and have the toxicity.  We could not just throw them in the trash to leach into our water supply.  We took them to the harsh chemical removal location and let them dispose of them safely.  They looked at us there like we had two heads, but my boys were happy and felt good about our project and our home.  Have me come to your home to help you DITCH & SWITCH or let's educate and inspire you and your friends to know about this.

Let Thieves products work on your laundry and dishes, too.  Our one-of-a-kind Thieves blend has more uses than we can count!  The Thieves line of products offers safe, natural alternatives to toxic, personal and home care products found elsewhere.  Add them to your holistic shopping list delivered monthly to your door through Essential Rewards.  You will love the difference clean living makes in hearts and home!