Join me in Living Above the Wellness Line

At our core, we want to be our best and do our best.  Why do we strive for abundance?  We want to feel good!  I love to sing and dance, stay light-hearted and fun-lovin'!  Young Living essential oil-infused nutritional supplements assist in boosting energy and maintaining good health and wellness.  Thank goodness because pollution, changes in soil and genetically modified food sources have altered our nutrition.  Young Living provides many choices to meet all of our needs.  I'll break down a few to get you started.  We call these the CORE 4, I feel all of us need in our homes...

What do you think is the top seller for Young Living?

... Did you guess an essential oil?  Makes sense, we are the world leader in essential oils.  Actually, NingXia Red is the most popular whole-body supplement!  The wolfberry and other superfoods in this yummy drink tastes more like a treat than a powerhouse of support to your energy and normal cellular functions.  A shot a day keeps you at play!  Visit my NingXia Red page to learn more.

The power of complete wellness is in your hands and there is no need to go it alone.  Since nutrients through food sources will not always provide everything your body requires, Young Living created Master Formula.  It is a multinutrient complex including premium vitamins, minerals and food-based nutriment.  From Vitamin A to Zinc, this multivitamin also includes gut flora supporting prebiotics and antioxidants. It works great for me too having MTFHR.   Learn more facts about Master Formula, or as you may come to call it, your new BFF!

With NingXia Red and Master Formula, you are enhancing your everyday energy and productivity.  How about aiding your digestion?  We've all heard of probiotics...are you taking one regularly?  Have you made it a habit before bed to put this pill filled with billions of live cultures in your mouth?  Have you been challenged choosing which probiotic is for you?  Enter Life 9, a potent probiotic with 9 beneficial bacteria.  This is a powerhouse gift to the gut in the best way possible to knock out all the crud!

On our Fun Lovin' Oiler How to....Conference Call featuring Master Formula, NingXia Red, and Life 5 (YL's previous probiotic), Maria Morgan and I shared our own experiences and education from Young Living Essential Oils to make this your daily trio for an everyday wellness lifestyle.  Take a few moments to listen to the call.

From the first bite of food, our digestive system uses enzymes to break down fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber.  If your diet includes processed foods, as most do, you can benefit from supplemental enzymes to assist in optimal nutrient absorbtion.  View 4 enzyme choices from Young Living below - Essentialzyme, Essentialzyme-4, Allerzyme, and Detoxyme.  I personally take 1 essentialzyme daily, 4-6 Essentialzyme-4 daily, and a handful of Detoxyme before bed (Ask your doctor.  Mine approves and encourages). If you have questions, please contact me.


These are a few of many all natural solutions from Young Living towards your healthy life.  Ready to enhance your life and order these supplements?  I like that Young Living offers supplementation choices through essential oils, capsules, caplets, liquids, powders and food products.  I hope you get to know what your nutritional needs are to be your best.  I am here for guidance, and I encourage you to use reliable resources to increase your self-care knowledge.  Enjoy getting to know YOU better as you become your best self!