Word for 2018 - HARMONY

Word for 2018 - HARMONY

with Pamela Hunter

It is the new year and there is a new PULSE I am feeling. Do you feel it? I am not talking about two fingers on your wrist. It is more about what is your personal current on any given day? Do you jump out of bed or take your time to gently rise? Do you wake with coffee or meditation? Do you work 9-5 or take the night shift? How do you wind down, and what gets you revved up?

There are two super moons in the month of January and so much energy with this arctic chill touching many of us. Feeling the PULSE of our environment and the energies around us is our central point of awareness that helps us find our RHYTHMs. In my travels this last year, each place I visited had its own unique rhythm. People I was with had their own Rhythm. I was intrigued with the pulse I would feel and the rhythms that I would find or that found me. What is your Rhythm like? If you were to put your hands together to create a rhythm of your life, what would it sound like? Would it be fast or slow? Steady or chaotic? Would it skip a beat or be in balance? If I close my eyes and feel the pulse around me, my rhythm begins to present itself bringing me to my word of 2018 – HARMONY! Feeling our pulse to find our rhythms allows us to bring in HARMONY.

Taking this to an affirmation for 2018 –

My life and business is pulsating with rhythms in place allowing me to be in Harmony with grace and ease.

What is your word for 2018?

Can you write an affirmation with it?

Those who share will be entered into a New Year RAFFLE!

In order to clear and allow your word to come to you, it may be time to practice some techniques:

1. If you need to clear your thoughts and open your mind and heart to find your word, try this breathing/yoga sequence: (or practice it just for FUN!)


2. Activate with Emotional Reprogramming using the Feeling Collection of oils from Young Living Essential Oils – Valor, Harmony, Present Time, Forgiveness, Release, and Inner child - Here’s a video to guide you….ENJOY


3. Taking time to prepare your Radical Gratitude Chart – What’s that? Watch my latest video that will explain…


If you participate in 1 or all 3 of these tools, your 2018 will be feeling your pulse, finding your rhythm, and brining in HARMONY!

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