Walk Through Our Door

with Pamela Hunter & Stacey Vann


“Walk through the door.  It’s the step you’ve waited your whole life for. Go ahead and do your work, realize your vision and find your worth.  We’re walking with you, every step of the way.  We will always be with you.  You will find your way…follow your heart. “~ Wah! 

I remember walking through the door to my very first yoga class, then my first workshop and then finally, not soon enough, my first retreat.  The progression of being ready to walk through the door for the different intensities of my yoga journey was all life giving.  Yoga gave me a home to come to within myself and within community.  

What has yoga given you?  
How does yoga feel for you?  
Do you remember when you first walked through the door?  

Sometimes we need to free ourselves from our typical, daily life in order to sit in the rhythms of our soul.  We invite you to sit for a moment here and now and observe your rhythm. Feel your feet and the earth in which you touch. Notice the motion of your breath.  Follow your heart beat.  Sense what you taste in your mouth.  Does the taste match what you are smelling?  Allow the noises you hear around you to be included. Envision your essence pulsating from within. Our vibrational rhythms support us as we awaken our awareness to feel our essence where we can embrace our innate wisdom, truth, consciousness, and bliss.

Is your heart calling you to interweave your yoga with essential oils, sound, nature, and community?
Can you give yourself the time and space to walk through the door?  

Join us for self-care, self-love, and self-reflection.  

Awakening Your Essence:  Yoga, Essential Oils, and Sound

Fall Equinox  - September 21 - 24 - Art Of Living Retreat Center - Boone, NC -- MORE INFO

“Come and you will find the inner one you want to. Find the inner mind you’ve waited so long to. “~Wah!


Pamela Hunter e-RYT 500

Stacey Vann e-RYT 500



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