Moving into the New Year

Moving into the New Year

with Pamela Hunter

I so hope you had a beautiful Christmas celebration with your family and friends. The glow of this time of year continues with a fair amount of down time still available during this week between Christmas and New Years. Are you feeling it too?

This is a time when I chill out, reorganize, and plan for this new year coming. I reflect on what has been and look into the future of what will be. Here are a few questions I ask myself:

Who am I in this season of my life? Am I staying true to myself? What is my truth?

What do I need to release as I move forward?

What do I desire in the here and now? 

Where and how am I called to serve?

The answers to these questions allow me to reflect, be, and grow. They help me to remember and move with forward motion into the new year.

See what you think about taking a bit of time to ask yourself these questions....if you would like to have a conversation about them with me, you can leave your comments on my Journal page linked here.

In loving-kindness,


Release with Essential Oils & List Burn Exercise - watch and practice this as we move into the New Year.

Posture to pause in after this exercise or whenever you would like to BE in your own container of YOU.

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