JourneyOn/Love On #3 - Adventure

with Pamela Hunter

Ok you saw my post with my SHRECK FACE I hope...after that mess, to keep my vision stable, they gave me shots in my eyes...listen to the story. Correction- not incisions, injections!

My team of 9 doctors/practitioners supported me in big ways. 

1. It takes a village-medical and holistic doctors. And they must give you a way to directly communicate with them or move on. 

Eye Specialist
Holistic MD with holistic center
MD hormone specialist
Holistic dentist
Chiropractor for energy & nervous system
Chiropractor for nutrition
Napropathic doctor
Massage therapist
NeuroEmotional therapist

2. Practice breathing and meditation. My practice got me through this challenge. 

Do u need direction, check out my books...

Next video—-What am I not seeing?

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