Journey On/Love On #2 - Humility

with Pamela Hunter

Lessons along the way:

1. Are there any messages you are ignoring?
2. When you are challenged, listen to your friends who can help and guide you.
3. ASK for help...say...I need help.
4. Let go of your EGO
5. The WHY does not matter. It just is sometimes. Ya know?!?

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The other day, I met with a client/friend/student who was told some pretty harsh information. By the time she left my home, she had questions to ask her doctors, subjects to research, diet changes to shift, and tools to use to give her peace of mind and to support her in feeling inspired to move forward on her journey.

OK Are you ready to see this craziness????? This was my before and after I took a medication in Feb. 2011 that did NOT serve me at all, yet I gave in because losing my vision was too scary. It only cost me 72 cents! Wow! I was reminded why I do not take medication easily. They just don't agree with me. I am that % of people who gets reactions, like BAD! These pictures were taken 6 months apart....but know I made it past it! I am an Integrative Wellness Coach who has lived it, for real.

Yes, I am rolling out my Journey On/Love On adventure in hopes to inspire people to keep going on their journey and not to give up! If you care to view, see me here or on my youtube channel -


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