True Gifts to Each and Every One of Us

One of the best gifts my family has ever been given is Young Living Essential Oils. I love to educate on wellness and am so jazzed to share with you! Can you feel it is all about energy? Here are my favorite definitions of essential oils:

  • Natural remedies from Mother Earth
  • The life-blood distilled from the plant
  • The essence of the plant
  • The immune system of the plant
  • Nature's living energy

These gifts from nature assist us through two different methods of action.

  1. The first is through the brain. When an essential oil is inhaled, it enters the olfactory system to affect the limbic region of the brain, where memory and emotion are stored. This action can elicit a relaxation response or promote a feeling of well being by bringing forth a pleasant memory.
  2. The second is through the physical body. When we apply an essential oil, we receive the direct effects of the beneficial substances naturally inherent in the plants. This action can maintain many physical aspects of the body as well as support the immune system. Daily use of essential oils promotes homeostasis, bringing the body and mind into balance (this can only happen if the oil is therapeutic grade like Young Living's).

Essential oils support wellness physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. They are

• non-toxic
• safe
• simple to use
• versatile
• fast-acting
• environmentally friendly
• delightful DIY beauty products​
• impressive household cleaners
• helpful in improving quality of life

How Do Essential Oils Work?

All parts of the body are meant to work in unison together. Everything in life vibrates—every atom, cell, tissue and organ—your whole body oscillates –it SINGS. When atoms vibrate, they create sound and heat, and light occurs because of the vibration of electrons. In our bodies, the electrons, atoms molecules, cells, tissues, and organs each have their own song (vibratory quality). The vibrations of the body easily go out of tune when a person experiences physical or emotional stress or dis-ease. The essential oil helps the body sing in harmony by regenerating, oxygenating and completing the cells in the body. The energy of each plant carries its own unique vibration, or frequency, that keeps it in harmony with nature. (written by my friend, Linda Smith of ISHA)

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Essential Oil Community

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