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FARMS allow us to be the World Leader in Essential Oils!

Our founder, Gary Young has 30+ years experience in farming and distillation of essential oils. He's a farmer! We are the only aromatherapy company planting trees to give back to the environment. With every tree we harvest, two more trees are planted in its place. We are the only company with farms and distilleries all over the world! In order to maintain industry leading standards, Young Living developed quality control from SEED TO SEAL (see below). Whether the farm be our corporate-owned, a partner farm or a SEED TO SEAL certified supplier, soil, seeds, cultivation and distillation procedures are kept to strict, binding specifications. Young Living guarantees quality and puts integrity behind their research, building a world renowned company to bring the best essential oils into your home.

Sourcing, Science and Standards behind our Seed to Seal>>

Many essential oil companies try to copy what we have created at Young Living Essential Oils. Even though most companies are adulterating their oils, blending them with a fatty oil base or adding alcohols and other ingredients, we stay true to our purity through our promise of SEED TO SEAL. Each scientific test of every essential oil is recorded. We are the only essential oils company with OUT OF STOCK situations. If a farm does not produce an oil to our standards, it does not make it to the warehouse. If we cannot get the oil at our quality of standards, it does not get bottled and sold. We cannot make plants grow faster than they do. We can plant more fields and add more farms and we do. Our team of experienced scientists and researchers have developed the largest library of historical testing data on essential oils in the world.

On the Farm

Our distributors are encouraged to be active in all aspects of the company. We actually go the farms and plant, pick, harvest and distill. We believe in the products and use them in our homes, sharing them with the people we love. We live in a community of healing and discovery, educating on wellness and helping people find their purpose. Come play with us on the farms and walk through the fields with abundant joy!

STORY TIME! In 2011 after experiencing a big challenge in my life, I needed to allow my body to heal naturally. I needed nature. Divine Timing presented the opportunity for me to go to Young Living's Idaho Flats farm to be a part of the Reforestation Program planting 5000 Idaho Balsam Fir trees with 26 other Young Living Distributors from around the world! It was so healing to be on our farm, in nature, with beautiful like-minded people in the fields during the day and in the classroom at night being educated by D. Gary Young on how to live above the wellness line. It was a life giving opportunity and a safe place for me to take time to find my harmony inside and all around me! I am grateful for our farms, for Gary, and for all our Young Living family of members!