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Important Guidelines to Know

Our oils are labeled either Aromatic and Topical as beauty products (colored labels), or Dietary for health and wellness supplementation (Vitality Oils in white labels).  If our oils have both colored label version and white label vitality version, please know these are exactly the same essential oil in the bottle.  They are labeled different for guidelines of use.

I like to break these methods into smaller groupings.  Aromatic: inhaling, waving through the field and diffusing. Topical: topical neat, topical diluted, topical on location, topical neat on the feet, Vita Flex, bath, compresses.  Dietary: ingesting in a capsule, ingesting in water, cooking, ingesting "down the hatch".



Aromatic use is as easy as taking off the cap and inhaling the scent of the oil.  There is great power in inhaling essential oils.  Aroma often triggers a memory stored in your brain.  Allow essential oils to unlock these positive memories and help your inner beauty shine!

Next, tip the bottle and let the oil drop into the palm of your hand.  Less is more with potent essential oils, as we only use 1-3 drops.  Rub your hands together then open them up like a flower.  Lift and cup your hands gently around your nose and mouth, creating a “scent tent”.  Inhale deeply, taking three breaths as you feel the aroma travel through your body.  Enjoy!

You can also put a few drops on a tissue or cotton pad and place it near you for inhalation. We use this method in hospital settings or for small children and the elderly.

Waving Through the Field

Have you tried waving an open bottle or infused tissue/cotton pad through the air to clear the energy around you?  Set your positive intentions in motion and send them out into the universe!

Your hair is a natural diffuser and will emit the energy you drop on it.  Utilize Young Living's hair care products infused with essential oils or tap into your intuition and choose an essential oil to radiate as you walk through a crowd.


Using a cool mist diffuser is a great way to get essential oils into your environment for an extended time or to clear a larger space.  Diffusing allows babies, young children, and elderly to experience the benefits of essential oils in a gentle way.  Heated diffusers break down the properties of essential oils and are not recommended.  To get the most out of your essential oil, use a diffuser from Young Living that does not require water.  The therapeutic grade essential oils will go into the atmosphere full strength.



Topical Neat

Topical Neat means applying the essential oil by itself, straight from the bottle, undiluted.  The palm of the hand, the solar plexus and the bottom of the feet are good places to apply a topical essential oil.

Topical Diluted

Topical Diluted is when a carrier oil is added to lessen the potency of the oil.  It is said to be 70% less affective when diluted.  A carrier oil is a fatty oil, such as olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil or coconut oil.  Children under age 5 and the elderly should always use a carrier oil for dilution.

Topical on Location

Topical on Location is applying the oil directly on the area of need (specific body part).  While the molecules of an essential oil are so small they can travel where they need to go, applying directly where needed quickens the work of the oil.  For example, Young Living's R.C. blend stands for respiratory care.  The choice could be made to apply it directly on the back or chest, over the lungs, avoiding sensitive skin. 

Topical Neat on the Feet

Topical Neat on the Feet is applying the oils to the soles of the feet.  The feet are usually the toughest skin on the body and the pores are large, allowing the oils to travel into the body where they need to go.  

Vita Flex

Vita Flex refers to 'vitality through the reflexes'.  Use the vita flex chart in the reference guides to place essential oils on those points for the most benefit.

Bath Time

Bath time is not a quick shower to only wash the dirt away.  Drip your essential oil of choice into an emulsifier such as bath salts, organic bath gel, or 1/2 cup of milk.  Sprinkle across the bath water and soak away your troubles.


Compresses bring relief to a specific location. Fill your sink with water, adding 1-6 drops of essential oil. Place your washcloth in the water. The essential oils will bond to the cloth as you squeeze out the excess water.  Apply the washcloth to the area in need.



Young Living's Dietary Essential Oils are called Vitality.  Labeled in white, these lil' bottles of love can help us maintain a strong and active lifestyle.

Ingesting in a Capsule

When adding Vitality essential oils to capsules, start with small quantities of 1- 3 drops only.  Use a "00" capsule and dilute with olive oil or coconut oil if you have a sensitive stomach.

Ingesting in Water

Remember how essential oils are potent and very concentrated?  Be sure to follow Essential Oil Desk Reference guidelines and your own desires when ingesting with water.   I personally put 6 drops of Lemon essential oil in 8 ounces of water daily and drink it.  I also put 3 drops of our Thieves blend in a small amount of water and drink it to support my healthy lifestyle.  One drop of peppermint per a large glass pitcher of water is enough for me.  Did you know one drop of peppermint oil is equal to 28 cups of peppermint tea?!


If you choose to add essential oils to your recipes, there are lots of cookbooks for Young Living essential oils to follow.  If you like to experiment, use only a toothpick of a drop at first in your recipes.

Down The Hatch

Ingesting 'down the hatch' is mouth open wide, tipping a Vitality bottle and letting a drop hit the tongue with full force goodness!  Educate yourself in matching uses of oils to your personal needs by joining our community of oily gurus, reviewing current product guides or by reading the label on the essential oil bottle.

DISCLAIMER (required by US Federal Law): Any information shared or presented is NOT meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and is intended for educational purposes only. Nor are the products which are discussed and / or presented in them meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; they have NOT been evaluated by the FDA. Please seek advice from a health care professional knowledgeable in your area of concern.