The Sense of Smell Evokes Memories

Why do essential oils work so well with our state of mind?  Our senses provide data for our mind and body to process and understand.  The sense of smell is closely linked to memory, where we store and remember the data we've processed.  Some memories bring smiles to our faces and warmth to our hearts. Others we would sooner choose to forget.  We spend time throughout our lives educating our minds and exercising our bodies.  It makes sense to release negative emotions for complete well being.  

Many years of scientific research by Young Living went into which plants were chosen to inspire you to be well, live with purpose and enjoy an abundant life.  The Feelings Kit contains 6 blends of certain single essential oils specifically designed to gently evoke memories, awaken all of your senses and enhance your days ahead.  The names of the essential oil blends will help you choose which are meant for you and those you love at the times they are needed.  As Mary Young says, "The name says it all!"

I LOVE working with emotions!  One of my specialties is taking people through Creative Emotional Cleaning sessions.  A way to begin on your own is by using the Feelings Kit collection.  It includes Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Present Time, Release and Valor.  


We can all get in touch with our Inner Child, the core of who we are, as we rise to a new day or in gratitude for the day each night.  Sometimes Harmony is a far cry from where I find myself, then a deep breath and a drop of love from this essential oil helps reset my spirit.  Living in Present Time keeps me focused on the here and now each day.  The times I need extra courage to stand my ground, Valor helps me feel my feet.  Challenges come with Forgiveness, either for myself or others, and I am so joyful when I Release feelings that hold me from being my true self.

The Feelings Kit is a great introduction to the blends designed to promote peaceful thoughts and spiritual harmony.  There are many other blends designed to uplift and support your overall well-being.  See if any of these are calling to you: Awaken, Build Your Dream, Clarity, En-R-Gee, Faith, Gratitude, Hope, Inspiration, Joy, Longevity, Motivation, Peace & Calming, Surrender, Transformation.  Young Living has over 200 single essential oils and blends powerfully made to help handle the transitions we go through as we live our abundant lives.  Why hold on when you can let go and be free?!