IAM Coaching

"The catepillar is as beautiful as the butterfly.  Through the journey you open your wings to fly."  

~ Pamela Hunter

In my years of coaching clients in health and business, I feel it necessary to be integrative, aware and move forward in life.  I also love to work with affirmations, such as "I am worthy", "I am strong", "I am enough."  "I am" statements are powerful declarations of self encouragement.  When we put our desires into declarations, there is movement forward!  IAM is the name of my coaching - Intuitive Awareness Movement.

Health Coach is a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices.  Health Coaches educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments.

IAM is designed from my areas of experience and personal growth techniques.  As I support you on your journey, my strength is listening to your own words guide you, awakening awareness, and opening paths by sharing tools and self-care techniques that are easy to implement into your life.   My specialty is working with highly sensitive people.  What is highly sensitive?  Highly sensitive is seeing and feeling the world around you very seriously, taking you to a place within yourself that becomes sensitive to environmental influences and styles of communication/behavior.

When I am business coaching, together, we work through the 6 Master Steps to Get Moving in a 6-month process meeting 1 to one every other week for 50 minutes.  

When I am health coaching, together, we begin with a first visit for NO FEE to do a complete Wellness Assessment.  From there, we determine if we are good match.  We then outline your path of coaching together.

The IAM Path:

1. Yoga

2. Nutrition

3. Emotions

4. Energy

5. Essential Oils

6. Love

Yoga means union, “to yoke”.  Yoga helps us to find a greater awareness in our body, mind, and spirit.  I use short, householder yoga practices as a tool to support your needs presented during your sessions.  Whether you need to move, strengthen, relax, or find peace, we can work in a yoga practice specifically for you.  Yoga may include breathing techniques, movement (asana), and meditation.

Nutrition is a huge part of health coaching, as no two bodies are the same.  I believe there is no 1 diet that fits all people.  I educate about nutrition and support you in finding the plan that works for you.  I have a lot of experience from my own journey as well as many handouts and books to share. 

We all have EMOTIONS.  Some emotions are good for us and some need to be released for us to move forward.  We have simple, easy techniques to help you process your emotions to find a greater peace within.

We are all made up of ENERGY!  It is so important to make sure your energy bodies are surrounding you and protecting you.  Being an energy worker for many, many years, I can feel the energy around you and teach you how to feel that energy too.  It is so fun to play with ENERGY!  Energy techniques used in our sessions are Reiki and Healing Touch.  

Essential Oils are my passion.  They transitioned my own life and my family’s life so much that I am passionate about sharing them with all I meet.  I find Young Living Essential Oils to be supportive to our health & wellness needs.  We work with the oils at your pace.  They are a big influence in my home and office.

Love is all around us! It is all about sharing and caring in loving kindness. I coach and mentor with a kind heart, blessing & anointing everyone.  It is so important for us to love ourselves first.  Can you honestly say outloud, "I love myself?"  I support you in this journey to find true love from within for yourself, others, and life.  This is an important piece as I can only support those who ask and are open to listen to them selves. You  must be open to walk through the door of love.

People come into my life for a reason, often through a "God moment".  If you are drawn to connect with me, then let's meet-- face-to-face, on facebook, or Zoom. Let's have some fun together!


Pamela opened up a world full of tools and resources that weren't part of our current lifestyle.  Ryan was quickly taught to trust his intuition as they explored alternative paths with clear guidance from Pamela.  Teaching an 11 year old to "trust their gut" and respond to what works for them is a gift.  As Ryan enters the next phase of his life, he will now walk confidently full of knowledge that will guide him.  It has been a transformational journey, full of hope, for our entire family.  We are forever grateful. ~ Nancy & Ryan


For many years, I have been burdened by childhood traumas and their consequences as an adult.  These burdens manifested themselves as depression, anxiety, panic attacks and debilitating insomnia.  On the outside I appear to be a high functioning, “normal” adult.  On the inside, I was on the edge of crumbling – for 20+ years.

I’m 54 years old.  Since my 30’s, I have been searching, reading, researching and studying ways to get better.  Ways to take control of my thoughts and feelings, to take control of my mental health.  I knew the answers were out there, but I could not find them.

I’ve been to many doctors, family counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.  When I was younger, I turned to alcohol and drugs.  I’ve been prescribed many different medications, as is always Western medicine’s answers to anxiety, depression and insomnia.  The side effects of these medications have ranged from simply dulling out my entire life, to this last bout in August with a medication that had me passively considering ending my life (those antidepressant warnings on the TV commercials you see are brutally true – and devastating).

Because depression and anxiety are Taboo subjects in our society, when I recently discussed my issues with anyone I would relate them to menopause (a more palatable medical issue vs a mental health issue).  During a conversation with a coworker about “menopause”, she suggested I contact Pamela Hunter.  She explained that Pamela could possibly help using Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.   This introduction has been the answer to ALL of my prayers.  Pamela Hunter is a healer.  Young Living Essential Oils are tools she uses, and her tool belt is massive!

Within a few months’ time of working with Pamela, my results are life changing:

-I have a daily routine using my YL oils.  They keep me healthy, focused, positive.

-I have been medication free since August for the first time in 20+ years.

-Panic attacks are gone.

-Anxiety levels are nearly non-existent.

-I have a set of tools that I NEVER thought I would be lucky enough to have.

-I recognize the anxiety as it starts to manifest, I know what to do - and it works!

-Zero depression symptoms.

-I am happy - truly!

-I have direction and I have Peace inside.

-I fall asleep Every Night without my heart pounding out of my chest.

-I sleep through the night without waking up every time I roll over.

-I am moving through this world in such a different way than I ever though possible.

-I am beginning to trust the process of life!

I thank God for Pamela Hunter and Young Living Essential Oils.  Without these two, I would still be lost.

I not only believe in these products, and in “Pamela’s way”, I believe this should be a MOVEMENT.  So many people are searching for these answers.  People you would never guess are suffering inside.  The world would be a better place.



Pam, I just want to thank you for teaching me that if you do the work things can change. As you know I have been a part of a very rocky and abusive relationship for more years than I want to share. For over ten years I have been saying that someday I am just going to leave and take care of myself. 

I have enjoyed your yoga classes for the past 3 years. But it's been much more than just a yoga class for me. Through your honesty,wisdom and your great/wacky sense of humor. I have learned how to grow up and take care of myself. By doing the work and walking forward through my problems with my heart held high and my shoulders down. By not worrying about anyone else and focusing on me and what I can work on as a person.

Before I left on my last tour of 2.5 months in Europe with the band TOTO, Pam helped me figure out a daily plan that would be good for me out on the road. She decided to focus on my Abs. Probably because I was a bit flabby in that area..She called it abs yoga. With various poses and ab exercises. It was pretty tough. 
Those forearm planks heat you up quick..I stuck to it as best I could and would sneak around concert venues in Europe looking for a place to do my practice. 

I ended up loosing about 20 pounds in the process. A nice surprise and now that I have worked on the abs area all the yoga poses I am doing seem so much more meaningful. I can really stretch and reach like never before. I can feel it in a whole new expanded way. 

The day I flew in from Rome to Chicago I rented a U-HAUL and a hotel. 3 days later I made the move out of my house and away from a painful relationship into a really nice place that I am calling home now. I know its still going to be difficult putting my life back together but I have the tools to stay positive and focused.

Thanks Pam for helping me figure out how to live again. 

Your very great-full student 


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