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Sacred Body Language Translations

Sacred Body Language Translations

with Robert Tennyson Stevens of Mastery Systems

Event date: 2/4/2018 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Export event

Event Location: Clarus Center 28379 Davis Parkway Unit 801 Warrenville IL 60555

Sunday, February 4th 9am - 5pm
Clarus Center, Warrenville, IL

If you attend Higher Potential Accademy's 1 Day Event on February 3rd - Registration for this event is $177
If you are only attending Sacred Body Language Translations with Robert Tennyson Stevens - Registration is $222

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Experience the power of  ​SACRED BODY LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS™​  with Robert Tennyson Stevens of Mastery Systems

What is your Body Telling You?

And, What is your body saying to others about you?

This introductory workshop includes interactive presentations and demonstrations on Sacred Body Language Translations™

Come explore how only a small amount of our communication is spoken language. The truth is we are always communicating with our body language. Our bodies are the storing banks of genetic, experiential, and collective (global) memories. With every move we make, our bodies reveal our subconscious thoughts, and hidden emotions. Body language can be translated into worded expressions from our subconscious self, body basics: face gestures, head, neck, shoulders, back, spine, arms, hands, fingers, torso, legs & feet.

Consciousness Communication equals success. Being aware of your body’s talk expands and deepens your communion with your Heart, Feeling World, Spirit and the world you live in. As an example, when our nutrition is being delivered at a cellular level, our cellular communication is happening and we thrive, regenerate, and stay or become strong. Same when we have Conscious Communication (communion) and understanding within ourself and with our friends, family, and those we interact with.

Sacred Body Language Translation is the result of my 40+ years of exploration and testing each signal we are already other-than-consciously using to “talk” with each other as well as communicate within ourselves.

  • Imagine knowing exactly what your inner world is asking you for each and every moment.
  • Imagine “hearing” what other’s are saying to themselves and to you as you are with them.
  • Imagine understanding where your self-sabotage patterns and easily upgrading them in self-success by translating your own signals into an actual language you can understand.

Everyone I have ever met uses this universal language. Every health signal is a call to change something and can be translated and understood. Each Sacred Body Language Translation Event, from an Evening Introduction, to a Facilitator Level Certification Course delivers usable and greatly expanding skills for self-understanding and clear communication with others.

Come and hear what your Heart is saying to you. Your own Heart’s Message will be life transforming.

​     One Day Event $222

     HPA  ATTENDEES   $177​