Rise & Shine: 6 Master Steps to Get Moving

by Pamela Hunter

RISE & SHINE: 6 MASTER STEPS TO GET MOVING is a personal account of my own journey from being a "happy depressed person" to living and sharing my real passions.  In taking a good look at the way I was living my life, my contributions, weaknesses, and desires, and writing them on what is called a Radical Gratitude Chart, I was able to determine the real me, the real desires in me, and the way of going about making it a reality while remaining my authentic self.

Once it became apparent my method worked, I wanted to share it with the world. First, I began speaking on the Six Master Steps to Get Moving and was pleased the audience responded so enthusiastically that they wanted something more concrete for reference, a guide. I then realized the Six Master Steps needed to be put in written format and made available for others, like me, who aren't quite sure of their direction and may suffer from various obstacles to keep them from being productive in their chosen endeavors.

The book is written in a simple format making it easy to read, contains my own amusing anecdotes, householder yoga practices, periodic references to helpful family members, positive affirmations and meditations, occasional bouts of malaise, and a triumphant outcome that can be realized by everyone but first, it is essential to Get Moving!

Each step explores joy, love, movement, breathing, emotions, energy, and natural living through essential oils as tools to live it and love it.

Be inspired!
Own It!
Voice It!
Write It!
Share It!
Live It!
Love It!



An exert from the book:

"I was so blissed out on oils that I incorporated them into every part of my family's life, and mine and then into my Yoga and Healing business.....I experimented by personally using oils in every way including:  inhalation, diffusing, topically, down the hatch, up the yoni, and an inch back where the sun doesn't shine."



Thank you Pam for writing this book! I love it so much and it has truly changed my life in just 2 days!!!❤️
Chris Wicklund
This book is truly inspirational. My days get off to a wonderful start with the use of Pamela's Rise and Shine practice which is so simple and easy to do! Pamela's writing style makes it so easy to jump right in. She motivates you in such a powerful way that you can't help but smile and step forward to create the life of your dreams. The oil appendix is a must have that just works beautifully alongside the breath work and movement that she outlines so perfectly in this book!


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