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A Cry for My Oils!

Pamela Hunter

It was the end of a beautiful September day when I saw my self flying in the air knowing I was not going to land pretty!  After exploring art galleries in Painter's Row, lighting stores & vintage furniture stores in Wicker Park, big box shops & quaint specialty stores in Lincoln Park, and Swing Dancing in Millennium park to the big band jazz, we took a cab to The Franklin Room for Oysters & Cocktails at 9:30pm.

We exited the cab and time flashed in an instant! 

Franklin Ave. is a street with the L moving above.  I do not like being under the trains going by, so I began to run across the street!  At that moment, I must have missed a sunken curb and lifted into the air to face plant on the concrete! OUCH!  I could see myself falling and knowing I was not able to stop this situation.  This was so weird and traumatic!  BOOM!  I fell hard! 

I heard a guy standing over me, "Wow!  Are you ok?"

I began to cry hard!  I was so scared my face was broken or ripped off!  It hurt so bad!  I cried hard!

I could feel my knees pound and my face.  Instantly, a medical student and a surgeon were standing over me in the street (everything you need is in your midst), asking me questions and checking my eyes.  My husband missed the entire thing and was shocked to find me on the ground!  He was leaning over me seeing if I was ok and accessing the situation with the others. 

I could not stop crying!  All I could think about was my face! 

When they lifted me up and saw blood, they said immediately, take her to the ER. 

That is what we UBER to Northwestern ER - what a Sh*t show! 

They got me ice packs pretty quick, but I was so bummed I did not have any essential oils with me.  I kept saying, "I have no oils in my purse?"  George replied, "Remember, you didn't bring your purse.  You are going to have a black eye honey."  

I cried for my oils!

We stayed at the ER because they thought I broke my hand....I did not.  We wanted to leave to get my oils on my swelling and bruising as the hospital only offered ice (which was needed also). 

SIDE NOTE:  What I witnessed in the ER is most likely why I was really there.  Most of the crowded room was full of people wanting to get more pain meds or narcotics to support their addictions.  One kid came in totally trippin' on heroin and acid while another young girl came in after trying to overdose.  I was there to witness this world I know exists and this world I am called to serve.   I am so called to do more to get young people to never try drugs.  "If you never pick it up, you never have to put it down," is a beautiful quote I have heard from a young women who lost her brother to a heroin overdose.  If you are interested in this service, please comment and let's connect.


After 3 hours and we told them we were leaving, the XRays of my hand magically appeared and we saw a doctor who said I did not break my hand and blah blah blah.  We were both irritated we stayed so long and we both knew I had just what I need at home - YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS!

Back at our City condo, I first applied LAVENDER to the cuts and bruising.  Then MELROSE.  Then COPAIBA.  Those are what I had with me in the city.  Then ICE.  I reapplied as I woke up and throughout the next day adding HELICHRYSUM to the mix and ROSE OINTMENT to keep the scrapes moist and seal in the oils.  Here's how It all looks, I will keep you posted.  No Black eye so far!

I took no aspirin or tylenol...I used yoga breathing techniques to work with the pain.  It drove George CRAZY, but we all have our ways of doing things...(((smiles)))


The moral of this story, watch where you are walking in the city and ALWAYS have at least lavender with you!

DAY 3:

How do you think the progress is going?  Do you have other oil suggestions or questions?  Let's stay compliant please...I would love to hear your comments...


Pamela HunterPamela Hunter

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4 comments on article "A Cry for My Oils!"



9/5/2016 1:46 PM

Ouch!! Falling is the worst!!! Or maybe the ER scene which I've also seen many times and is said to see some of the regular foot traffic it brings in... :-/

I love the protocol you use! Lavender, Melrose and Copaiba are always close with this mama who had a toddler that likes to bounce off things. Love the idea to seal in with Rose ointment, I need to add that one to my next ER order, thanks! Hope you're healing continues smoothly.



9/6/2016 11:09 PM

All traumatic and all better with our little bottles of love!



6/15/2017 4:03 AM

Good up


6/26/2017 10:08 AM

It is very important topic to know why? it happen to cry for oils. Some people are doing this crazy stuff for living with essential oils lavender melrose copiaba. Otherwise everything will be good for understanding and sharing different topics.

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