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6 Energizing Ways to Fight Fatigue with Essential Oils

by Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils

When you experience mental fatigue, many areas in your life can be affected. Before you realize, it can lead to poor work performance, reduced productivity, and result in bad grades or job loss. We MUST not forget ALL the irritability, low moods, and conflict with loved ones to further aggravate the situation! It’s a vicious cycle with a bleak outcome, but don’t be too discouraged. With essential oils, you can beat fatigue naturally and get your vitality back! Here are 6 energizing ways to fight mental fatigue!

#1. Stretch with Basil

Follow your morning instinct to stretch! There are several benefits of stretching in the morning.

It can alleviate muscle and joint pain as well as improve circulation throughout your entire body – including to your brain. Though healthy blood flow is important all day long, it is especially crucial during the morning hours because adequate blood flow increases concentration and sharpens our senses.

Rub 2 drops of Basil oil along both wrists, and take deep breaths as you stretch. Basil is known as “the Oil of Renewal,” because of its excellent stimulating and regenerative properties that bring rejuvenation of vital forces after periods of exhaustion. This invigorating essential oil is very uplifting and helps restore the body to its natural rhythms of activity and rest.

#2. Add Zest and Vigor to your Breakfast With Lemon!

Skipping breakfast or other meals may increase hormones which help regulate your desire for food. In the morning, protein and fat are essential for energy. Blend a drop of Lemon oil in your pancake or waffle mix batter for a delicious kick! And remember to HYDRATE!Eight glassesof water per day can do wonders! Add zing to boring water with a drop of lemon oil or other citrus oils throughout the day to stay revitalized.

Lemonessential oil has a very uplifting and refreshing effect on the mind. It is very efficient at clearing the mind and combating fatigue, while it strengthens, revitalizes and refreshes the nervous system. Lemon oil is able to sharpen the focus of consciousness and clarity as well as uplift the intellect, lighten and disperse heavy thoughts, and promote the releasing of feelings of worry.Lemon oil not only will fortify the mind, it will support your whole body.

#3. Color Therapy for Your Wardrobe and Your Spirit

Imagine that your outfit reflects your attitude and what you are feeling. What colors do you associate with joy, positivity, and strength?According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, warm colors, such as red, yellow, and orange, are more energizing than their cool counterparts and can help you bust through fatigue. This is because they’re attention grabbing—which activates our braincircuitry. Just for fun, try incorporating more Orange into your lifestyle! Orange is adrenaline

Orange is adrenaline producing to the viewer, and reminds us of the sun and feelings of exuberance, not to mention the invigorating, tangy orange fruit that we all are so blessed to enjoy! Orange oil is considered by many in aromatherapy circles as the oil of happiness and positivity. Its uplifting and joyful nature has the ability to harmonize feelings and wake up sleeping minds. Orange oil can clear blockages and stagnation, helping to alleviate stress and tension. Its cheerful nature provides warmth and joy, making it an excellent remedy for chronic fatigue.Orange oil reinforces the immune system and aids in the absorption of Vitamin C. In combination with lemon, the blend can boost mental clarity and promote inner joy.

Spice up your wardrobe with colorful accessories such as jewelry, socks, or scarves, and stock your office with orange sticky notes and paper clips to be reminded of the mindset you want to keep during the day. Combine 8-10 drops of Orange essential oil with distilled water in a small spray bottle and spitz over clean linens and in closets to keep sheets, towels and clothes smelling great. Diffuse orange in the morning to add spring to your morning routine.

#4. Declutter with Eucalyptus

One way to help battle against brain fog is by cleaning up your environment and making more work space. Clutter can suck energy from a space, causing distractions and frustration.

Books and papers constantly shuffled from one spot to another, all impact your quality of thought and sense of well-being. Organize your clutter – and quickly – and I bet you will be surprised at how much nicer your atmosphere feels and how much more you are able to get accomplished. Once everything is put away, use Eucalyptus oil to purify your area and add a refreshing, clean aroma. It has powerful anti-microbial properties, making it ideal for preventing the spread of bacterial and viral infections, as well as forgeneral cleaning.

Eucalyptus Oil provides a wonderful aromatherapy experience that is refreshing and powerfully stimulating. UseEucalyptus Oil in your diffuser or create scented room fresheners by adding a few drops of oil to a hanging object. This oil is perfect for boosting concentration and keeping your energy level elevated.

#5. Put Some Pep in Your Step

Jump for joy – literally! Not only does this simple gravity-defying exerciseget our heart rate up quickly, pumping oxygen throughout our bodies, but it also seems to have a positive effect on the mind. “Jumping as if you’ve won something or even bouncing on your bed a few times can help jolt

 your energy,” says Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness. “You’re stirring up childhoodenthusiasm, allowing yourself to feel a little silly, and breaking up the monotony of the day.” All these things can trigger the release of feel-good endorphins, which have been associated with more verve—and a better state of mind (and less fatigue).

Reconnect with your inner child using Peppermint essential oil. Its sweet, refreshing fragrance can be used aromatically to encourage you to connect with your authentic self.

Peppermint oil, when inhaled and absorbed, passes the blood-brain barrier in the body and this increases the transmission of oxygen and other nutrients to the brain. This makes for a mental boost that can be much appreciated at any time of day, and has an energizing effect on both mind and body.

#6. Relax and Rest with Lavender

Sleep is extremely vital for good health! It replenishes important neurochemicals such as endorphins, pain modulators, and serotonin, and is how our bodies are able to heal joints and muscles. 

Do you feel tired when you wake up? If so, reevaluate your current sleep regime and consider eliminating any factors distracting you from earlier rest, such as eating big meals, caffeine, alcohol, television, and nightcaps. If you have trouble falling to sleep at first, relax your body and mind by adding a few drops of Lavender to a hot bath before you go to bed.

Lavender is soothing and relaxing in cases of mental fatigue. With a harmonizing effect on the nervous system and the ability to relieve muscular aches and pains, lavender is excellent for any kind of stress or tension. It can both calm the mind and uplift the spirit, making it excellent for fatigue symptoms.Lavender is a key oil in maintaining mental and emotional equilibrium. It helps to calm the emotions when the mind is overwhelmed. Very uplifting in cases of depression, its also great for insomnia as a result of mental stress and anxiety.



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